Introduction to Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic Therapy is an alternative health treatment for pain relief that has grown in popularity, in recent years. Popularly known as magnetic therapy, this is considered by many conventional medical practitioners to be a non-standard medical modality. Regardless, many people regularly use magnetic therapy products for getting pain relief caused by a variety of health conditions, as well as for helping to improve their overall level of health and energy.

Magnetic therapy can be considered a form of energy medicine, because it acts on the body from a distance via magnetic energy. Other forms of energy medicine include Reiki, Pranic healing, and crystal energy healing. However, healing with magnets has more scientific backing, due to recent research, than most other forms of energy healing.

The history of magnetic therapy is quite extensive, and magnets have been used for their health promoting properties for thousands of years, by many cultures. However, the conventional, western medical establishment has been slow to acknowledge the benefits many people have experienced using magnetic therapy products and devices. However, in recent years, biomagnetic therapy has gradually started to gain more acceptance and credibility among growing numbers of physicians and other health care professionals.

It is starting to become an accepted complementary medical treatment by more health professionals, as more patients are reporting successful treatment of their health conditions using magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Fields and the Body

There are a number of theories being studied regarding how magnetic therapy works through the interaction of magnetic fields with the body, in order to relieve pain and promote healing. One of the central ideas behind these theories of biomagnetism are based in the fact that the earth's powerful magnetic field has a constant and significant effect on all living things, and that life on Earth is dependent on magnetic energy.  In fact, the Earth's magnetic field actually helped life to evolve.

Additionally, exposing the body to magnetic fields is thought to positively affect the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems by increasing the electrical conductivity of blood. This results in improved circulation, as well as more efficient transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.

The Earth's magnetic field affects all living things.

The Earth's powerful magnetic field may hold the key to the healing powers of biomagnetic therapy.

Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

Although there has been more research into magnetic therapy conducted in recent years, there still haven't been a large number of large-scale double-blind studies performed. As with many alternative and complementary treatments, much of the existing evidence for the effectiveness of biomagnetic therapy as a healing tool is anecdotal evidence. In other words, personal stories and experiences of individuals who have experienced the health benefits of magnetic therapy. These positive results include things like treating low-level chronic pain, increasing overall energy, as well as experiencing measurable improvements in overall quality of life.

Anecdotal evidence isn't accepted as empirical proof, but the overwhelming amount of positive anecdotal evidence regarding the efficacy of magnetic therapy is hard to ignore, and strongly suggests a clear connection between magnets and health. A recent study from 2016 found that 70% of people who used magnetic therapy for pain relief experienced positive benefits. As with many treatments and therapies, there is no guarantee that magnetic therapy will help any specific individual. However, on the other hand, there are also no known harmful side-effects, unlike many traditional or contemporary medical therapies and treatments, such as prescription medications.

Magnetic healing has been reported to have been used to successfully treat a wide range of medical disorders and conditions. There are a wide variety of magnetic therapy products available, including magnetic therapy bracelets and other magnetic jewelry, along with a wide range of magnetic therapy braces, supports, and other devices designed to heal and alleviate pain for virtually every part of the body. There are a number of reputable companies that specialize in high-quality magnetic therapy products.

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