Magnetic Therapy for Dogs and Other Pets

Magnetic therapy can be used to treat problems with dogs and other pets.
Many owners have used to magnetic therapy to
treat pain in their dogs or other pets.
Many of us use alternative therapies to treat our own health problems. However, many dog owners don't think of using these same therapies to treat their dogs and other pets. After all, dogs and other animals often suffer from many of the same health conditions that we do. If something is helping us, why not use it to help them, as well? Fortunately, magnetic therapy for dogs has started to emerge as a safe, effective, and affordable treatment that has positive results without any negative side-effects.

Magnetic therapy is often used to treat chronic pain in people. Many people successfully use magnetic products to help treat their arthritis, joint pain, foot pain, back pain, and more. Dogs often suffer from these same types of problems, especially many older dogs. Over time, their quality of life can deteriorate drastically, which can be heartbreaking to see as a dog owner.

If you have a dog or other pet, you know that veterinarian bills can be very expensive.  And, much of the time, conventional treatments and medications you get at the vet might not even work well. Or, they result in unwanted, sometimes dangerous, side-effects.

Dogs and other animals are biologically very similar to humans. We are composed of the same types of cells, and our circulatory systems and other organs function much the same. So, just as with humans, using healing magnets over specific areas of the body on pets can help stimulate circulation and speed up the healing process.

Magnetic therapy for dogs and other pets works well because pets tend to have much faster blood flow than us, This increased rate of circulation allows for faster healing, especially when bolstered by the healing effects of magnets. Magnetic fields also tend to penetrate more deeply into their smaller bodies. Magnetic therapy has been used by many pet owners. Many have reported that they could see positive changes in their dogs very quickly.

Magnetic therapy can be used simultaneously with other medical treatments and therapies, with no negative interactions or side-effects. Numerous studies have shown that magnetic treatments can be particularly beneficial for problems related to bone and muscle tissue. This is good for many dogs who suffer from arthritis in their knee or hip joints, or similar conditions, such as hip dysplasia. Magnetic therapy helps to accelerate the healing process, bringing positive results quickly and safely. Magnetic therapy can also be used to reduce pain associated with organ disorders.

It is also an excellent alternative therapy for treating strains and sprains in pets. Of course, making sure the magnets stay in place on your pet can be a challenging problem. One of the best solutions to this problem is by using a magnetic bed for your dog. Many pet owners have reported that their pets suffering from arthritis have shown improvement after they started sleeping on a bed containing magnets.

Many pets regularly nap on their bed throughout the day, so it is a good way to ensure that they stay in contact with the healing magnetic fields as much as possible. Many dog owners have even reported that their pets seem to instinctively seek out the bed more as they start to experience relief from their pain.

For many years, horse owners have used magnetic blankets to treat pain and injuries in their horses. These types of products can also be used for large dogs. They are essentially a blanket containing many small magnets that wraps around the animal.

For treating specific muscles or joints, you can use magnetic strips. These can be attached by using a gauze wrap. Also, magnetic dog collars are available. The benefit of these is that your pet can be exposed to the healing effects of the magnets all day and night, and the magnetic field easily penetrates the carotid artery of your pet.

One of the best benefits of using magnetic therapy for dogs and other pets is that it is very affordable. Just as with people, the number of magnets used, their size, and strength all depend on how big your dog is and what its specific medical problem is. For example, smaller dogs need smaller magnets that have a Gauss rating of about 750 to successfully penetrate the animals body and blood stream.

There have been no reported negative side effects using magnetic therapy for pets, so it is considered very safe.

For yourself, you consider all the options when determining how to treat your medical conditions. We shouldn't do any less for our pets. For tons of useful information on dog and puppy care, visit