Magnetic therapy for healing and treating parakeets.

Magnetic Therapy for Healing Parakeets

Magnetic therapy is a safe and powerful alternative health therapy that many people use for pain relief and better health. However, this therapy can also be highly effective for treating pets, including birds, such as parakeets. Parakeets are actually a species of parrot, that can be found in various colors. Although, they are often found […]

Magnetic therapy can be used for dogs and other pets.

Magnetic Therapy for Dogs

Many people have discovered the power of alternative medical treatments and therapies for relieving their own pain and improving their health. But, did you realize that many of these therapies can also be used to help heal and treat our dogs and other pets? Most animals are fairly similar physiologically, and so they actually suffer […]

Horse owners and trainers have long used magnetic therapy for treating painful injuries and other conditions in horses.

Treating Horses with Magnet Therapy

 Horses regularly suffer from a myriad of health conditions and problems.  Many of these are related to damage to joints, muscles, and other connective tissues. Horses experience large amounts of pressure and shock to their joints during exercise and activity, particularly horses involved in competitive equine sports like jumping and racing. However, any horse that […]