Magnetic therapy can be used for dogs and other pets.

Magnetic Therapy for Dogs

Many people have discovered the power of alternative medical treatments and therapies for relieving their own pain and improving their health. But, did you realize that many of these therapies can also be used to help heal and treat our dogs and other pets? Most animals are fairly similar physiologically, and so they actually suffer from many of the same health issues and pain-causing conditions that humans suffer from.

If we find a treatment or therapy that is effective for us, then it would be inhumane to withhold such a treatment for our beloved pets. In recent years, many dog owners have discovered that using magnetic therapy for dogs is not only a safe and cost effective medical treatment for their pets, but can also be highly effective for reducing pain in animals with no damaging side-effects.

How Does Magnetic Therapy for Dogs Work?

Magnetic therapy is a popular therapy for treating and relieving chronic pain. Many people have found significant relief for their arthritis pain, joint pain, back pain, and foot pain using magnetic therapy products. Dogs and other pets also suffer from similar health issues. Older dogs are particularly likely to suffer from various forms of chronic pain. As their pain gets worse, their suffering also gets worse. This can be one of the saddest things to experience as a pet owner.

All mammals, including humans and dogs, are quite similar biologically. All animals are made up of the same types of body cells, and our organs and bodily systems function in highly similar capacities. Therefore, just like with people, placing magnetic therapy magnets over specific parts and regions of a dog’s body can help stimulate and improve circulation, which in turn, enhances the process of healing.

Magnetic therapy is effective for dogs because their blood flow is usually faster than ours. This accelerated rate of blood circulation contributes to quicker healing, particularly when enhanced by magnetic healing. Magnetic fields can also penetrate deeper into dog’s smaller bodies. In recent years, growing numbers of dog owners have tried magnetic therapy for their pets, and many have observed benefits for their dogs.

Dogs and humans can both use magnetic therapy for pain relief.

Because dogs and people are physiologically similar, many of the same health treatments that work for us, work for our dogs as well.

What are the Advantages of Magnetic Therapy for Dogs?

If you are a dog owner, you are aware that vet expenses can be quite high.  Additionally, traditional treatments, therapies, and medications prescribed by your veterinarian may not be all that effective. Also, these treatments carry the risk of negative, sometimes dangerous, side-effects.

Magnetic therapy is not only effective itself, but is also able to be used in conjunction with other medical treatments, with no risk of negative side-effects. Research has indicated that magnetic therapy treatments can be particularly effective for treating issues regarding bone and muscle tissues. This makes it highly effective for dogs who suffer from arthritis in their joints, or other conditions which cause chronic pain, including hip dysplasia.

Magnetic therapy has been found to help speed up the process of healing in the body, providing health benefits safely and quickly. Magnetic fields have also been used to help alleviate pain caused by various organ disorders. Finally, it has also been found to be a useful treatment for healing injuries, such as strains and sprains, in dogs.

Another benefit of magnetic therapy for dogs is that it is an affordable health treatment. Of course, the specific number of magnets needed, their size, and magnetic field strength will depend on the size of your pet and what their specific treatment needs are. As an example, smaller dogs can be treated with small magnets that measure about 750 Gauss, to be able to successfully penetrate their body and blood vessels to facilitate healing.

How to Use Magnetic Therapy for Dogs

When trying to apply magnetic therapy to your dog or other pet, one of the biggest challenges can be ensuring that the healing magnets stay in place over the area to be healed. An effective and popular solution is to get a magnetic mattress or bed for your dog. Dog owners who have pets suffering from arthritis have reported that their dogs displayed signs of reduced pain after a period of sleeping on a magnetic bed.

Many dogs spend much of their time napping or resting over the course of the day, so a magnetic mattress it is a convenient way to make sure that your dog stays in contact with the magnetic fields for extended periods of time. Some dog owners have also reported that their dogs will seek out their magnetic bed more often as they begin to experience pain relief from sleeping on their bed.

Horse trainers and owners have used magnetic therapy blankets to treat horse injuries for many years. Magnetic therapy is a standard treatment, widely respected among horse owners. Magnetic therapy blankets can also be used to treat larger dogs. These blankets contain a large number of small medical magnets, allowing the horse or dog to be surrounded by healing magnetic fields.

Magnetic therapy strips are a good solution if you need to treat pain in particular joints or muscles. These strips are attached to your pet using gauze or a bandage. Additionally, magnetic therapy dog collars can be obtained for your pet. These allows your dog to have exposure to healing magnetic fields, continually. Also, magnetic fields are able to easily penetrate the thin skin covering the carotid artery of your dog, contributing to better healing.


Recent research and personal experiences have highlighted the effectiveness of magnetic therapy for treating pain and other health conditions, in people, and in animals. Also, there have been few and minor reports of negative side effects from using magnetic therapy products for dogs, so it is considered to be a highly safe health therapy.

We always try to consider all the available options when determining how we treat our own medical problems and issues. As caretakers for our dogs, we should do the same for them. If you’re dog regularly suffers from pain, you may want to consider trying magnetic therapy to bring safe and effective relief to your canine companion.

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