Magnetic therapy for healing and treating parakeets.

Magnetic Therapy for Healing Parakeets

Magnetic therapy is a safe and powerful alternative health therapy that many people use for pain relief and better health. However, this therapy can also be highly effective for treating pets, including birds, such as parakeets. Parakeets are actually a species of parrot, that can be found in various colors. Although, they are often found […]

Research found that magnetic therapy was useful for treating heel pain.

Magnetic Therapy for Treating Heel Pain – Research

A Double-Blind Study Demonstrating Therapeutic Benefit of Magnets In Heel Pain Symptomology Larry Seaman, DPM (Dec 1993) A study was conducted at the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in Miami, Florida to determine the effectiveness of magnetized pads for treating heel pain syndrome. The double-blind study was performed on participants who have suffered from […]

Magnetic therapy has been found to be an effective treatment for pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.

Magnetic Therapy for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy – Research

Magnetic Stimulation in Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Dr. Michael Weintraub (Jan 1999) A study conducted by Dr. Michael I. Weintraub, a clinical professor of neurology at New York Medical College, has found that magnetic therapy insoles seem to provide significant pain relief to diabetics who suffer from a condition called peripheral neuropathy. The study tested […]

Magnetic therapy has been found to be helpful for treating fibromyalgia.

Magnetic Therapy for Fibromyalgia Pain – Research

Static Magnetic Fields for Treatment of Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Controlled Trial Dr. Alan P. Alfano (Feb 2001) Researchers from the University of Virginia conducted one of the largest and most rigorous clinical trials magnetic therapy to date regarding the use of biomagnetic therapy to treat patients with chronic pain. Results of the study were obtained […]

Magnetic therapy has been show to be effective for treating osteoarthritis of the knee and hip.

Magnetic Therapy for Osteoarthritis Pain – Research

Randomised Controlled Trial of Magnetic Bracelets for Relieving Pain in Osteoarthritis of the Hip and Knee Dr. Tim Harlow (Dec 2004) The purpose of this study was to determine how effective commercially available magnetic therapy bracelets were for controlling pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. The study was structured as a randomized, placebo […]

Magnetic nanoparticles may be a cure for cancer.

Magnetic Nanoparticles a Potential Cancer Cure

Study Finds that Magnetic Nanoparticles Could Be an Effective Cancer Treatment Researchers from Nanoprobes, Inc. have claimed that magnetic nanoparticles can potentially cure cancer in a single treatment. Their findings have been published in The International Journal of Nanomedicine. The researchers, led by Dr. James F. Hainfeld, report that animals have been totally cured of […]

Magnetic therapy can be used for dogs and other pets.

Magnetic Therapy for Dogs

Many people have discovered the power of alternative medical treatments and therapies for relieving their own pain and improving their health. But, did you realize that many of these therapies can also be used to help heal and treat our dogs and other pets? Most animals are fairly similar physiologically, and so they actually suffer […]

Magnetic therapy is an effective treatment for muscle cramps.

Magnetic Therapy for Treating Muscle Cramps

What are Muscle Cramps? Almost everyone, at some point, has suffered with the sharp, often excruciating, pain of muscle cramps. Usually, they are caused by overworking or injuring a muscle.  But, they can also occur due to dehydration, exposure to cold temperatures, or having a mineral deficiency (particularly, potassium, calcium, and magnesium).  Muscle cramps can […]

Many people have found relief from diabetic neuropathy using magnetic therapy insoles.

Magnetic Therapy Insoles for the Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes Overview Diabetes is a disease which causes blood sugar, or glucose, levels to raise to too high of a level because the body is unable to utilize it properly. We obtain glucose from primarily from eating starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, and sugary foods.  It is also produced in the liver. Insulin is […]

Many people treat their back pain using magnetic therapy products.

Magnetic Therapy for Back Pain Relief

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work? There are not many people who, at some point, won’t experience back pain. Many of us will end up suffering from debilitating, chronic back pain for many years. Many people who have long suffered with chronic back pain are now looking to magnetic therapy for back pain relief, and have […]

It has been found that magnetic therapy can be used to treat nausea and stomach discomfort during pregnancy.

Using Magnetic Therapy to Treat Nausea During Pregnancy

 A doctor has reported that he has been able to successfully treat pregnant women suffering from nausea and stomach discomfort utilizing magnetic therapy. The therapy was created for women who are pregnant, and who regularly suffer from periods of nausea and/or vomiting. The malady can be so extreme and uncomfortable for some women that they […]

Biomagnetic pair therapy is thought to help the body maintain a proper pH balance.

What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

Biomagnetic Pair therapy was invented by Doctor Isaac Goiz in Mexico City in 1988. Biomagnetic Pair therapy, or BMP therapy, is a general therapeutic treatment designed to improve overall health and wellness. It has grown in popularity in recent decades, and has practitioners around the world. The main goal of BMP is to bring the […]