Many people treat their back pain using magnetic therapy products.

Magnetic Therapy for Back Pain Relief

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

There are not many people who, at some point, won’t experience back pain. Many of us will end up suffering from debilitating, chronic back pain for many years. Many people who have long suffered with chronic back pain are now looking to magnetic therapy for back pain relief, and have had success with treating their pain. However, many people still remain skeptical of whether magnetic therapy works.

Over the years, hundreds of clinical studies regarding magnetic therapy have been performed. These studies have given us significant evidence supporting how effective magnets can be for treating pain, as well as other medical uses. But, it is still not considered scientifically proven, particularly by many people in the conventional medical establishment.

Yet, growing numbers of people are now trying to find safe and effective alternatives to traditional treatments, like pain medications. Many medications not only grow less effective over time, but are also associated with a wide range of negative side-effects, including habit-formation or addiction.

One of the main issues with magnetic therapy is that it still isn’t well understood exactly how magnetic therapy works or is able to relieve pain.  There are various theories that have been studied over the years. Some people believe that the magnetic field of healing magnets affects the iron content of blood.  Others claim that magnetic fields stimulate an alkaline response, reducing acid levels in the body.

Many practitioners of magnetic therapy theorize that the magnets themselves aren’t directly responsible for the healing in the body, but rather help bring the body back into balance. This then allows the body to better heal itself. This concept is rooted in the idea that illnesses are often the results of imbalances in the body’s energy field. It then becomes crucial to try to return the energy balance in the body to a correct state. This allows the body to achieve a normal, healthy condition. Utilizing healing magnets is considered by many as an effective way to enhance this process.

Researchers have measured increases in blood flow when a region of the body experiencing pain is exposed to a magnetic field. An increase in blood flow brings more oxygen, nutrients, and endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals which reduce and/or eliminate pain.

Using therapy magnets has been widely reported to alleviate pain in areas where the magnets are placed. Of course, it is critical that a user places the therapy magnets directly on or over the affected area, in order to be effective. The magnetic field must be able to penetrate the effected area.  Essentially, the core idea is that magnetic therapy stimulates bodily processes and improves circulation, which then promotes healing within the body.

Using Magnetic Therapy for Back Pain

Magnetic therapy has been found to be a safe, natural therapy, which accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. This can help provide relief from both acute and chronic forms of pain. It also has been shown to have no, or negligible, unwanted side effects, like those that regularly occur with medications.

When magnets were first used for treating pain, practitioners of magnet therapy utilized the entire magnet. They would use both the north and south poles, at the same time. However, with experience, some people discovered that the effectiveness of healing magnets could be enhanced by using only one pole. This was mainly the north or negative pole.  This was found to be the case when using magnetic therapy for back pain relief, in particular.

Over time, magnet users have continued to find that the different poles of the magnetic field seem to be more effective for treating different conditions.  The north (negative) pole is generally considered to be especially useful for pain relief, such as back pain, arthritis, joint pain, and headaches. The south (positive) pole of the magnet has been found to be more effective for treating conditions related to nerves, such as tingling, numbness, fatigue, and paralysis.

Because of magnetic therapy’s reported capabilities of managing and reducing pain, growing numbers of back pain sufferers have tried using therapy magnets for relief.  When using magnetic therapy for back pain relief the magnets should be placed directly at or over the point where pain is felt. The magnets should be used on a continuous basis for period of two or three weeks.

Therapy magnets are used in a variety of products and can be used in the form of back braces and straps, wraps, shoe insoles, bracelets and necklaces, and magnetic mattress pads.  Magnetic back products, such as braces and wraps are ideal for treating back pain throughout the day.  However, many people have had long-term success in treating their symptoms by using magnetic pads, which are sleep pads that are embedded with many negative pole magnets. One particular advantage of these products is that they are one time purchase, yet can provide continuous magnetic healing every night, for years.

Many users have reported that after using high quality magnetic products correctly, they felt substantial, positive effects (less pain, increased range of movement) very quickly. It has been found that certain types of back pain conditions, such as those involving the lumbar disc, can be harder to treat with healing magnets.


Many people have reported that they have experienced a myriad of positive effects from using magnetic therapy. Therapy magnets are often used to relieve the fundamental, root cause of pain, not just the symptoms. They are extremely safe, and have no known negative side effects. Healing magnets are very easy to use, and often work very quickly Also, they are generally very affordable.  Particularly, in the long-term, as you can use them, over and over again, for a long time.

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