Different types of magnets are used in biomagnetic therapy products.

Most Common Types of Magnets Used for Magnetic Therapy

Overview of the Various Types of Magnets Used in Biomagnetic Therapy Products Many people are not aware that there are several different types of magnets used in magnetic therapy products. The primary differences between these are material used, strength, and cost. The most commonly utilized types of magnets for use in magnet therapy applications and […]

Using magnetic therapy insoles provides a number of positive health benefits.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Therapy Insoles

One of the most widely used magnetic therapy products are magnetic insoles.  These products are worn inside the shoes, and they bathe the feet in a healing magnetic field throughout the day, Many people have reported that using magnetic insoles has provide a number of health benefits. Pain Relief Pain relief is usually the primary […]

How to use spot magnets for magnetic therapy purposes.

The Use of Spot Magnets

Spot magnets are generally very small therapeutic magnets which are usually sized between 5-10mm in diameter, and usually measure about 1mm in thickness.  They have been specifically designed to be able to be applied for therapeutic uses nearly anywhere on the body. Their small size allows these therapy magnets to be quickly, conveniently, and easily […]

Gauss rating is a measurement of the strength of a magnetic field.

Magnetic Therapy and Gauss Rating

 When it comes to magnetic therapy products, each product or device has a specifically designed, and measurable Gauss rating. The Gauss rating of a magnet is a direct measure of how strong its particular magnetic field is.  The higher the Gauss rating of a magnet, the more powerful it is, the deeper its effects can […]

Drinking magnetized water has many health benefits.

Magnetized Water: Drinkable Magnetic Therapy

Most people are now aware that the quality of the water that they drink can often have a significant impact on their health and wellness.  Bottled water and water filtration systems are more popular than ever.  However, most people are not aware that water is what is known as a dia-magnetic substance. In other words, […]

There are some important factors you should consider before purchasing magnetic therapy products.

Things to Consider Before Buying Magnetic Braces and Supports

There are many considerations when thinking about purchasing magnetic therapy products, like magnetic braces and supports. Both the type of magnet and the strength of the magnetic field (Gauss rating) are important variables to take into account. Here are a few points to consider, in order to make sure you are getting a good product. […]