How to use spot magnets for magnetic therapy purposes.

The Use of Spot Magnets

Spot magnets are generally very small therapeutic magnets which are usually sized between 5-10mm in diameter, and usually measure about 1mm in thickness.  They have been specifically designed to be able to be applied for therapeutic uses nearly anywhere on the body. Their small size allows these therapy magnets to be quickly, conveniently, and easily placed on all areas of the body, discreetly and without any physical discomfort.

Spot magnets are often plated with a thin coating of gold, or are otherwise coated to aid in reducing oxidation and to help reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions with the epidermis. Additionally, many of these magnets include a porous, hypoallergenic adhesive, so that they can be readily attached to any area of skin. Spot magnets are water proof and can be replaced once the adhesive wears off. Their gauss rating generally varies from about 900 to 9000 gauss, depending on the material used and size. Magnets that have a higher gauss rating are more effective because the higher strength of the magnet makes it more powerful, and results in its magnetic field being able to penetrate deeper into body tissues.

These magnets are extremely well-suited for treating a wide range of sports injuries and conditions. They are widely used as a pain reliever for strains and sprains, and can easily be applied directly to swollen and inflamed joints. They are generally best utilized in groups or collections, and are even able to be attached to the soles of the feet without causing any disruption to walking.

Some specific sports injuries that are often treated using spot magnets are:

  • Elbow injuries regularly occur with tennis players and those who play golf, due to the likelihood of injuries caused by the repetitive motions of these sports. For these types of injuries, spot magnets are reported to be highly beneficial and effective. Placement of the magnets for tennis elbow is somewhat different than for golf elbow because the area of the pain and injury is different. Magnets are placed on the external side of the elbow with tennis elbow, and are placed on the inner side of the elbow when suffering from golfer’s elbow.
  • Wrist sprains are often treated by attaching spot magnets beneath a support bandage or simply left in place with adhesive.
  • Ankle sprains are one of the most prevalent sports injuries and using spot magnets on a sprain can help provide substantial relief.
  • Thumb sprains are prevalent in those who play rugby and football, and people who practice martial arts.  Healing of thumb injuries can be sped up by attaching a few spot magnets directly over the affected joint.
  • Shoulder sprains and pain can be treated by attaching a group of several spot magnets to the affected areas after identifying the painful points and muscle stiffness.  A wrap containing a number of spot magnets is often utilized in this situation.
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