How to Use Magnetic Therapy Products for Pain Relief and Improved Health

Types of Biomagnetic Therapy Products

  • Medical or Spot Magnets

    These are individual therapy, or spot, magnets which can be applied directly to the body using various methods including wraps, surgical tape, adhesive/elastic bandages, or another product which will affix the medical magnets in place. These magnets are generally placed right over the area to be treated, but can also be affixed to acupuncture points.

  • Magnetic Ankle Supports

    Biomagnetic therapy ankle braces/wraps not only provide compression support for weak, painful, or injured ankles, but also transmit magnetic healing to the entire ankle area. These types of magnetic products can be used for ankle strains, sprains, as well as generalized pain due to overuse or mild swelling.

  • Magnetic Elbow Braces

    Magnet therapy elbow supports, such as braces and wraps, give compression support for painful and/or injured elbow joints, as well as providing magnetic field healing to the joint area. Elbow braces and wraps can be used for various types of elbow-related issues including tendonitis, strains, and arthritis pain.

  • Magnetic Shoulder Supports

    Magnetic therapy shoulder supports (including wraps and braces) provide stabilization and compression for injured or painful shoulders and upper back, as well as providing magnetic healing to the area. Magnetic shoulder supports are used for painful shoulder and upper back including muscle pain, joint pain and swelling, strains, and arthritic shoulder pain..

  • Biomagnetic Bracelets

    Magnet therapy jewelry, including magnetic therapy bracelets, not only come in a variety of stylish types, but also provide an easy way to use magnets for health on a daily basis. Magnetic jewelry constantly applies a magnetic field to your bloodstream, which may help to improve circulatory function, increase blood flow, reduce pain, and provide other holistic health benefits.

  • Magnetic Back Supports

    These types of back supports/wraps are designed to cover a larger area of the body, and generally contain a large number of individual magnets in order to provide magnetic pain relief over a broad area. These types of supports can be used for many types of back or hip pain, such as strains, muscle aches, and pulls.

  • Biomagnetic Necklaces

    Biomagnetic jewelry, such as magnetic therapy necklaces, are available in a variety of fashionable types and styles, and provide a convenient and easy way to utilize healing magnets every day. These necklaces apply a consistent magnetic field to the body, which may aid with improving circulation, increasing blood flow, and reducing pain and swelling.

  • Magnetic Knee Braces

    Magnetic therapy knee braces and wraps give support and stabilization to painful and/or injured knees, as well as surrounding the knee joint with healing magnetic fields. Biomagnetic knee supports can be used for various types of knee conditions including strains, sprains, tendonitis, as well as knee pain due to osteoarthritis knee pain.

  • Magnetic Mattress Pads

    Magnetic mattress pads and mattress covers generally contain hundreds, or thousands, of individual magnets, which serve to cover the entire body in a healing magnetic field during sleep. These products are often used by people who have chronic pain, particularly chronic back pain, although many also use these pads as a holistic tool for overall health benefits.

  • Magnetic Massagers

    Magnetic massagers are one of the newer types of biomagnetic healing products. They provide the benefit of allowing a user to target specific parts of the body with magnetic fields. They are available in a variety of styles and strengths. Generally, the more powerful a magnetic field is (higher gauss rating), the deeper the penetration of the magnetic field will be. Biomagnetic massagers provide an easy method for increasing blood flow and for reducing pain in joints and other parts of the body.

How to Use Magnets to Treat Localized Pain

A small area affected by pain, such as a knuckle, can be treated with an individual medical magnet. Larger areas like the lower back, a hip, or a knee joint require a larger magnetic treatment product. Multiple pain trigger points may require several magnetic therapy products simultaneously for treatment, as continuous use achieves the best results.

Place the therapy magnet or pad directly over the point of pain. It can be held in place by any number of means: surgical tape, a cloth or elastic wrap, a velcro band, or a Band-Aid. Try placing them as follows for the highest probability of success:

  • Method One: Place directly over the area of pain for localized treatment, removing only when bathing. Most will find some relief within a few days, however, for some it may take longer.
  • Method Two: If the first method doesn't work, place them over referral points such as over the hip for thigh or upper knee pain or over the lower back for hip pain.
  • Method Three: If methods one and two fail, try placing the medical magnets over acupuncture points related to the pain area. For this type of treatment, several small magnets may be required.

How Long to Use Therapy Magnets

Therapeutic magnets are extremely safe to use and as such can be used as often as necessary. Most people can wear them continuously with the same level, or even an increasing level of effectiveness. However, if your relief start to diminish or stop, cease use for about three days, then go to a schedule of three weeks of use followed by three days off.

Biomagnetic therapy products like magnetic bracelets can be worn continuously for healing and pain relief.

Some individuals have reported achieving enough results from biomagnetic therapy products that they can wear them once or twice a week and not have to wear them the rest of the time. Each person is affected differently, so the best way is to experiment to find the right frequency of use for your needs.

Health Conditions Reported to Have Been Successfully Treated Using Magnetic Therapy Products

Following is a list of the most common conditions reported to have been successfully treated using biomagnetic therapy:

Acne Bursitis Fibromyalgia Osteoarthritis
Allergies Cataracts High Blood Pressure Poor Circulation
Asthma Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Infections Rheumatoid arthritis
Back Pain Colitis Insomnia Sinus Congestion
Bunions Cramps Menstrual Cramps Strep Throat
Burns Earaches Migraines Tendonitis
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